The seven sacraments touch all the stages and all the important moments of Christian life -
​CCC, 1210

Education & Formation

The strength of any faith community is reflected in the commitment of its members to support and nourish growth in holiness, knowledge, and understanding.

Campus Ministry

In striving to best serve our student parishioners, Campus Ministry creates spirituality, service, and teaching opportunities through the year. 


We welcome students, residents, and visitors to join us for liturgy, prayer, and community.

As a Catholic community of Christian disciples filled with gratitude and the Holy Spirit, St. Paul's Newman Center celebrates and lives the Sacraments. We bring the Gospel to the students, faculty, and staff of the University of Wyoming through vibrant liturgies, hospitality, authentic stewardship, education, formation, empowerment, and support.


You can download the bulletin here or find it on our News page

A Message from the

Vision and Discernment Committee

We are in the midst of a very exciting time at St. Paul's Newman Center!  The time has come for our community to listen to voice of God's Spirit leading us into future. A Vision and Discernment Committee was formed to lead us in this process of listening to our parish community as we discern the direction for our parish.  In the coming months, we will be sharing information about where our parish is now, and how we got here. We will also share more information on how you can participate in discerning our future. This process will take several months and we will use many ways to communicate so everyone has an opportunity to participate. All your thoughts are important. 

The link below gives a history of the events leading to present day. Some of us were here in 1993 when we began planning and dreaming. Most of us were not here when this process began. This letter will give a history of what has happened and how we got to where we are today. Knowing where we have come from will help us to see God at work as we listen for the voice of the Spirit leading us into the future.

Thank you for taking time to read this letter. You can download it by clicking here

The Vision and Discernment Committee

Vatican II -
There's So Much
Left To Do

What do you know about the Second Vatican Council - other than that it happened? Join Fr. Rob for the next 4 weeks as we explore this defining moment in the history of our Church. Feel free to come for all four sessions or just one. 

  • 1st Session: 1962 - The Windows Are Opened. 2000 Bishops descend on the Vatican and God's spirit has some big plans. 
  • 2nd Session: Why Did They Change My Prayers? The change from Latin to English was insignificant in comparison to what the Council taught us about the Celebration of the Eucharist. What changed and why? 
  • 3rd Session: The Church Embraces the World. An important development of the Council was to move from skepticism to hope and optimism about God's presence in the world. have we forgotten this good news? 
  • 4th Session: There's So Much Left To Do.  Some of us believe we are just getting started implementing the vision of Vatican II. What is left to do and how can you be part? 

Please sign up in Bishop Newell Hall for the morning or evening time.