New Students

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Welcome, new students!

We are so excited you’ll be joining us as you travel along your faith journey in college. This time in your life is a great opportunity for you to make your faith your own, grow your prayer life, and be the face of Christ in service to others.  We cannot wait to get to know you and welcome you as part of our family at the Newman Center. Our hope is that you find a community of faith that you can laugh with, pray with, serve with, and can see Christ’s love. Check out some great student testimonials and our wonderful events below. If you have questions, or want to get involved, email the Campus Ministry office.

'The Newman Center has given me a home away from home and a community I can call my family. It has created lasting memories for me and shaped my faith and friendships in ways I never thought possible. Most importantly, it has shown me the joy that comes from loving and serving people of all backgrounds.'

Emily Mahood, '22

'My experience at the Newman Center has been nothing short of amazing. My faith has grown exponentially by seeing everyone so engaged in their spiritual life. The Newman Center is truly a home away from home as everyone here is very open and loving. There is always something to be a part of and I am eternally grateful for all the activities that I have been blessed to participate in.'

Eddie Perez, '22

“The Newman Center experience has been truly life-changing! I have found life-long friends that I can walk with on my faith journey with now and into the future. It’s an amazing community that lifts so many up in love!”

Emma Keller, '22


8:00 p.m. Wednesdays: Cowboy Catholic

A large group meeting in the worship space intended to help students grow in faith and fellowship. Activities include games, prayer and worship, presentations and discussions, and personal reflection.

12:25 p.m. Thursdays: Mass on Campus

Come celebrate liturgy on campus on Thursdays at 12:25 p.m. in room 202 of the Union or outside in Prexy’s Pasture by the flagpole if weather permits.


6:00 p.m. Every Sunday: Sunday Suppers

A homemade dinner for all college students after our 5:00 p.m. liturgy.


Small Groups

There are various small groups of students that meet weekly for prayer, faith-sharing, and Bible or book study.



Social Gatherings

All students are invited to numerous events offered throughout the school year such as:

  • Homecoming Festivities
  • a Halloween Party
  • Movie Nights
  • a Christmas Party
  • Hiking
  • Lake Days
  • Barbecues
  • Game Nights

Let us know your ideas for events!

SEARCH Retreats

Student SEARCH is a powerful experience of Christian community, worship, recreation, and fellowship. Retreats are offered in the fall and spring semesters.

Social Justice Opportunities

St. Paul’s Newman Center offers numerous service opportunities such as:

  • visiting the Laramie Soup Kitchen
  • delivering Eucharist to nursing homes
  • alternative Spring Break trips
  • annual Habitat for Humanity service trip to Oklahoma City