SEARCH Team Application

Search Team Application

SEARCH Leadership Team Fall SEARCH: November 10-12

DATES TO REMEMBER: This application is due Sunday, September 24th at 8pm. Applications are confidential, and can be turned in to David Stotzer, Sage Kilgore (student directors) or to Emily Mahood in the campus ministry office. Please carefully and prayerfully consider applying for Team. Let the Spirit work in you! Once your application is in, we will contact you to discuss your application and your specific team placement. Leaders will be expected to attend a Team meeting every Tuesday at 8 pm leading up to Search (beginning Tuesday, Oct 3rd), as well as a Team Dinner on Thursday, November 9th at 6pm. If you cannot attend these meetings, you will be unable to serve on Search Team.

Other Information

Departure: 4:00pm on Friday, November 10th Location: Vee-Bar Guest Ranch, near Centennial, WY Cost: $75 (Full & half scholarships are available, so don’t let money be the reason you don’t apply.)


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Feel free to use another page if you need more space, or have other pertinent information for us. Contact us with questions or concerns and thank you for your love for SEARCH Team.

David Stotzer Student Director 505.382.1334 Sage Kilgore Student Director 406.783.8108 Emily Mahood Campus Minister 307.730.9030