Men’s & Women’s Houses Application


Application Guidelines & Expectations

Please read the following information and fill out the form on this page to apply for the Men’s or Women’s House. Once the form is completed, we will be in touch with you about next steps.


  • The Men’s (1813 Garfield) & Women’s (1823 Garfield) Houses at St. Paul’s Newman Center are intentional Catholic communities for University of Wyoming college students, housing 4-5 students each.
  • The houses provide formation opportunities and spiritual development for students, while also encouraging service to the St. Paul’s Newman Center community and leadership roles within SPNC Campus Ministry. Applicants must consent to the following covenant of involvement: “As an integral member of the parish, it is expected that I am a University of Wyoming student and practicing Catholic, which includes, but is not limited to: attending liturgy regularly at St. Paul’s Newman Center, having a desire and intention to be active and involved in student ministry and its leadership, and having a spirit of generosity in working with the staff in the ministry of St. Paul’s Newman Center. Tenants are expected to give witness to the values of the Gospel and teachings of the Catholic Church in their conduct and manner of living.”
  • The houses host a weekly fellowship dinner/event for the Brotherhood and Women’s Groups. Tenants are expected to participate in these events regularly, as schedules allow, and to provide a culture of hospitality.
  • Leases are signed on a yearly basis, from July 1-June 30. Applicants must commit to a full year lease.


  • Inquiries about house openings can be made to one of the residents of the individual houses, or to Father Rob ( or Emily ( It is expected that applicants have spoken personally with members of the house and  Rob or Emily, to express interest and to discuss openings and expectations.
  • Paul’s Newman Center will distribute at the beginning of February and applications will be due by Friday, March 1st.
  • Applications are discussed both by St. Paul’s Newman Center staff and by current house residents.
  • Applicants must provide two personal references (two persons other than parents) on the application.


  • How much is rent? Rent is $375 per tenant and must be paid via electronic transfer (ACH) from the tenant’s bank account.
  • What does rent include? Rent includes internet, electrical and natural gas utilities, as well as city services, such as water, garbage, and recycling, lawn care, and shoveling of the front sidewalks.
  • Can I have visitors spend the night? Such visits must be approved by the SPNC landlord, as well as by the other members of the house.
  • What about my dog? No pets are allowed.
  • Can I sublet my room if needed? Leases may not be assigned or subletted without written consent of the landlord.
  • How often do I have to clean? Tenants are responsible for maintaining the houses in a clean and sanitary manner. Cleaning schedules are agreed-upon by the members of the house.
  • How about smoking? No, thank you.

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