Lent Resources

Lenten Resources

Lent is an important time in the liturgical calendar. It is a chance to focus on the things that bring us closer to God, as well as let go of (or give up) those things that lead us away from God. To aid your lenten journey, we’ve put together some resources for you to use as you grow in your faith this Lent.

Lent has three main pillars, prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, which help us to focus on more than ourselves. Prayer is meant to assist us in our relationship with God; fasting allows us to give up those things in our lives that are holding us back from God; almsgiving allows us to focus on those in need by giving from our hearts and means as we can. You can learn more about Lent from the USCCB here. We hope these resources can aid in your Lenten journey this year.

For some inspiration in your email inbox every day, check out this resource from Ignatian Solidarity Network.

For some fun activities to do as a family, check out this 40 Lenten Activities for Families Calendar.


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