Planning for the Future

St. Paul's Newman Center Parish is a faith home to University of Wyoming students, faculty, and staff, and resident families.​ As we begin evaluating our current worship and community gathering spaces, we will be updating this webpage with information regarding the education and evaluation process. 

St. Paul's Newman Center Parish History: How did we get here?

September 22, 1957

  • St. Paul’s Newman Center is dedicated by Archbishop Urban Vehr of Denver.

September 1, 1959

  • St. Paul’s Chapel, Newman Center is created as a parish.


  • 1819 Garfield is acquired to serve as the Parish Rectory


  • 1823 Garfield is acquired, along with the vacant lot on the corner of 19th and Garfield.

March, 1993

  • Conversation begins on renovation of the worship space. 
  • The renovation was to make present the theology of the Second Vatican Council: the real presence of Christ is also in the Worshipping Assembly.  The renovation also expanded the seating capacity.
  • This starts the beginning of a ten-year, three phase plan:
    • Phase one:  Renovate the Worship Space
    • Phase two:  Acquire all the property on the 1800 block of Grand/Garfield
    • Phase three:  Assess needs and begin site planning for the next 50 years of St. Paul’s Newman Center

October 26, 1995

  • Phase One: Renovation is complete as a temporary solution to the needs of the community of St. Paul’s Newman Center. 
  • Because it is temporary, essential elements such as a permanent baptismal font for immersion baptisms and an adequate space for music ministers will need to be addressed in the future.

May, 2002

  • 315 S. 18th St. is purchased to serve as the rectory.

Summer, 2005

  • Phase Two: Property Acquisition is complete with the purchase of 1813 Garfield.
  • 1819 Garfield is converted from the Rectory to Parish meeting center (The Emmaus House).
  • Rectory is moved to 315 S. 18th St.

January, 2015

  • Vision and Discernment Committee is formed to begin Phase three.
  • Committee meets through Spring semester 2015 and determines that much education is needed among the parish at large.  Few parishioners are aware of the three phase plan begun in 1993.

September, 2016

  • Parish Staff, and Pastoral Council review possibility of bringing Ken Griesemer, of STF Studio to St. Paul’s Newman Center for an interview to serve as a consultant and possible project manager.

October 29 - 30 Town Hall Meeting Report Update

On October 29 and 30, 2016 over 100 community members gathered to meet with Ken Griesemer, a Liturgical Design Consultant, to begin the next stage of planning for our facility. Participants discussed the "Four Pillars" of St. Paul's Newman Center which are Worship and Prayer, Community Gathering and Formation, Student Campus Ministry, and Direct Service to the Laramie Community​. Below are the main themes that emerged from the community's discussion.

Worship and Prayer
  • Worship and Prayer is the central and primary pillar; it acts as the foundation for all of the other pillars.
  • We currently have a deep feeling of connection, intimacy, and community during Liturgy; we hope and desire to maintain this.
  • The current worship space, especially the proximity to the altar and musicians, is appreciated. We desire to have a specific space for the music ministers that is large enough to accommodate them.
  • Outdoor space for community gatherings and special Liturgies like the Easter Vigil is important to our community.
Community Gathering and Formation
  • Faith formation is an important value at our parish; we want all ages to be formed in their faith well
  • Spaces that are accessible to everyone, including people with limited mobility, the visually or hearing impaired, etc.
  • Spaces designed to meet the needs of diverse gatherings, including spaces for:
    • fun and community gathering
    • large and small rooms for educational space
    • elementary student faith formation
    • middle school student faith formation
    • high school student faith formation
    • college student faith formation and gathering
    • adult faith formation
    • private rooms to prepare for special occasions
    • outdoor spaces for fall/spring gatherings
Student Campus Ministry
  • As a center for Catholic students we need to address student needs and keep the students primary
  • We want to make sure we are adequately serving and ministering to all students including married student families, international students, graduate students, non-traditional students, WyoTech and LCCC students
  • Desire to directly involve students in this space evaluation process
  • Student housing and gathering spaces
  • Importance of engaging with other parishes across the Diocese of Cheyenne to promote the Newman Center
Direct Service
  • Many questions were raised about the Direct Service pillar including:
    • What does direct service look like now?
    • How will this change over the next 50-70 years?
    • What are the possibilities of the broader Laramie community becoming involved in our Direct Service mission?
  • Possible Direct Service includes:
    • expand food outreach
    • meeting the needs of people experiencing homelessness in Laramie including shelter and showers
    • IT center for technology
    • Hospital visits
    • nursing home visits
    • services for pregnant students

Click here to view the complete notes from this meeting.